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Scenic Sydney Tour

Also available with airport and/or cruise ship transfers!

This tour (or any version of it), can ONLY be booked as a private charter - ideal for large families or groups up to 24. Full commentary available in English or Spanish and and can be designed around an airport and/or cruise ship transfer. This tour combines the beauty and grandeur of Sydney Harbour with the peace and tranquillity of Sydney's rural countryside. Experience some of Sydney's finest and most scenic viewpoints that only the locals know about. Discover an entirely new appreciation for the term "Scenic Sydney" as you photograph your way around lookouts and vantage points that you would never even knew existed. Let Flamin' Galah Sydney Tours open your eyes to the "real Sydney".

Sydney's Rural Countryside

Sydney's Rural Countryside

This tours starts with a drive through the Great Aussie Bush to experience one of Sydney's many National Parks. Here you'll be greeted by rivers, gorges, wildlife, sandstone cliffs and some mesmerising views. See a totally different side to Sydney as you enjoy quality time and the quality air out of the City.

North Head Overlooking Sydney Harbour

North Head Overlooking Sydney Harbour

From the peace and quiet of the National Parks, we then head to Manly, which is one of the most popular and much loved beach locations in Sydney. This is the view from North Head in Manly looking down onto Sydney Harbour - one of the finest viewpoints in Sydney. On this tour, you will see there is so much more to Manly than just the beach!

Views Beyond Manly

Views Beyond Manly

Staying in Manly, you can see the coastline that runs north, known as Sydney's Northern Beaches. This is a place the locals are incredibly proud of, but the tourists have no idea that it exists. This view is from the Bower and rewards you with far reaching views towards Palm Beach.

Manly Lifestyle

Manly Lifestyle

As we drive through and around Manly enjoying the countless lookouts and vantage points, you'll hear informative commentary about Manly, the beach, the people and the lifestyle.

Freshwater Beach

Freshwater Beach

Freshwater Beach is distinctly Aussie and allows people to see beyond the touristy hustle and bustle of Manly. This beautiful spot just round the corner from Manly is a real local's beach and offers wonderful views, a relaxed atmosphere and a taste of a typical Australian town.

Looking Down onto Manly Cove

Looking Down onto Manly Cove

As we drive around Manly, we enter part of Sydney Harbour National Park which overlooks Manly Cove and North Head in the distance.

The Mighty Entrance to Sydney Harbour

The Mighty Entrance to Sydney Harbour

Still within Sydney Harbour National Park, there are some superb elevated views looking across to North Head and South Head. These two iconic headlands mark the majestic entrance to Sydney Harbour

An Extension of Sydney Harbour

An Extension of Sydney Harbour

Beyond Sydney Harbour National Park lies the area of Middle Harbour. This is an extension of Sydney Harbour and is just as majestic and beautiful. Crammed full with little bays at picturesque headlands, this part of the tour allows you to see how life is like when you own a multi-million dollar house overlooking Sydney Harbour!

A Walk in Paradise

A Walk in Paradise

Enjoy a short stroll on one of the countless little beaches that are tucked away from the crowds and the tourists. This walk is the last stop before then returning to where the pick-up point was at the very beginning of the tour.


Booking This Toor

To book this tour, please contact Flamin' Galah Sydney Tours directly so that we can provide you a quote based on the number of people in your group, where you are staying and how many hours you would like to do the tour for. Call 02 9977 7890 or email

Tour Pricing

The itinerary that exists for this tour is just a rough guide. This tour is ONLY available as a PRIVATE TOUR tour and is priced from $75 per hour for between 1 and 11 people. For groups between 12 and 24, the tour is priced from $85 per hour. Our private tours are suitable for anyone, but can especially cater for people travelling to or from the airport or their cruise ship.You may purchase this tour based on the itinerary that is described on the website, or request a different version of this tour. This tour can be cut back or extended to suit your budget. Approximate length of tour described on the website is 4 hours. Please note that we also charge an extra 1.25 hours for pick-up and drop-off to your accommodation if staying in the centre of Sydney or an extra half an hour for pick-up and drop-off to your accommodation if staying in Manly. We also charge an extra 2.2% for payments via credit card. Not included in the price is: National Park entry = $2.3 per person.


Lunch is not included on this tour and it does not include entry into any attractions.

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