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Flamin' Galah Sydney Tours - Monday, September 02, 2013



Three years ago, Flamin’ Galah Sydney Tours and Airport Transfers was born.  It was a light bulb moment one evening, sat on a balcony in Manly, drinking a glass of wine!  The next day, the now owner/operator, Al Wilson went out in search of the ultimate Sydney tour itinerary.  The aim was to design a tour that gave the “Sydney experience seeker” the most comprehensive, in depth and revealing tour of Sydney’s scenery that was humanly possible.

Inspired by the coastal scenery around Sydney’s Northern Beaches and the bush scenery around the neighbouring National Parks, it was just a case of creating an itinerary that would absolutely knock the socks off anyone who did it.  The break through moment came when discovering a bush walk from the West Head Road in Ku-ring Gai Chase National Park, down to Great Mackerel Beach on the edge of Pittwater.  This walk would be the link in the chain and allows the tour to become a convenient circular itinerary.  The walk includes an Aboriginal engravings site, beautiful trees and flowers, jaw-dropping coastal views, goanna and wallaby sightings (not guaranteed) and the jewel in the crown is the descent behind and in between the picture perfect properties perched on the cliffs above Great Mackerel Beach.

Arriving at Great Mackerel Beach is like arriving on a desert island and it is impossible to believe that you are still in Sydney.  The water glistens, the waves lap gently, the birds sing in the trees and the feeling of total tranquillity just rolls over you.  But do you know what the best thing is?  The best thing is that you don’t have to walk back up the steep track to get back to the bus!!  The 12.30pm ferry from Mackerel Beach to Palm Beach picks you up from the wharf and the next thing you know, you are eating fish and chips on the other side and enjoying the beach and the views over to Pittwater and the beautiful National park from where you have come.

So that is the highlight of the tour, but it is also just the beginning of the sights and photo opportunities that line every inch of the itinerary.  I have to say, that sadly this tour never got lift off.  Promoting a tour and getting interest in a tour that falls into the “do something different” box, is literally like banging your head against a brick wall.  The few people who experience the tour are in utter disbelief that they are the only ones on the tour and then can’t believe that not more people want to do it.  Sadly, most people follow the crowd, so an “off the beaten track” tour visiting the far reaches of Sydney’s coast and bush settings, is just NOT on people’s to do list and any information that there is about the tour is utterly overshadowed by the big ticket items like the Bridge Climb, Bondi, Manly, Darling Harbour etc. etc.

In an attempt to get people’s attention the tour was changed in a big way, so that it became more mainstream.  Very sadly, it was decided that the tour would be stripped of all its scenery content and instead focus would be placed on the one aspect of the tour that most people did the tour for in the first place – Home and Away at Palm Beach.  About a year ago the Home and Away Tour was born and efforts towards promoting the original Sydney Bush and Beaches tour took a back seat.  However it has always continued to bubble away in the background because Flamin’ Galah Sydney Tours are still very proud of it and its unique itinerary that has brought enormous pleasure to those who have done it.

Here are a few testimonial sentences from the lucky few who have been on the Sydney Bush and Beach Tour.

 “Great Day Out for All!!”

Reviewed 28 August 2013 

We went on the 'bush and beaches' tour with Al. Had an amazing day! So many beautiful sights to see and Al was extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the tour. Especially loved the bush walk down to the beautiful beach! A fun trip, friendly guide and fantastic scenery! Would recommend to anyone, whether they're visiting or living near Sydney! Thanks Al! (:

“Perfect Tour with a Difference”

Reviewed 15 March 2013

I found Flamin' Galah on line and the full day beach and bush tour sounded great for us. Al was very helpful and the booking process very smooth. We were collected promptly from the cruise terminal and spent a delightful day visiting beaches and walking in the bush. The tour includes a very quaint ferry ride and a fish and chip lunch which was delicious. Al is a friendly expert guide who takes the time to make the tour individual and informative.  We were dropped off at the airport and left feeling we had been privileged so see a side of Sydney we could never had found or explored on our own. The beaches are breathtaking and we can now dream of owning one of the multi million dollar houses that overlook the bays!

 “A Day Well Spent”

Reviewed 23 November 2012

Do you have a spare day in Sydney? Do you want to get away from the usual tourist trail? Take a Full Day tour with Flamin' Galah.  Al picked us up from our hotel on time, explained the plan for the day and then it was off out of the city to Ku-ring-Gai Chase. After a comfort stop we had an hours walk in dry, coastal bush (with sightings of a wallaby, goanna and echidna) ending at a delightful beach. A short ferry ride took us to our lunch break - our choice was yummy fish and chips -then onwards touring Sydney's glorious Northern beaches.  This was a great way to have a break from city crowds. Thank you Al and Kate -we certainly recommend Flamin' Galah.

 “Flamin' Galah is the Best!”

Reviewed 2 August 2011

Thanks Al for an awesome tour. I never thought I'd see so much amazing scenery around Sydney and would never have found it on my own. Thanks a million.

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